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Our approach to your success

Bioville Team

We know how to transform excellent research into viable products in the global healthcare market.

We have a deep and insightful understanding of the worldwide drug and med-tech markets.

We apply this knowledge to analyze our customers’ research and development pipelines with the goal to define optimized pathways to market.

We identify missing pieces and suggest strong partners from the University-, Pharma- Med-tech- and Biotech-Arenas.

We connect people and foster lasting research cooperations beyond borders.

We precisely know how markets differ and help our customers to fulfill varying regulatory requirements for simultaneous multi market entries.

We are experts in local and European Grant programs and use this knowledge to identify the right program.

We have an spotless track-record of successful, excellent, professional and timely grant writing, coordination and administration in varying programs.

We support the set-up of subsidiaries and start-ups and provide interim management in Saxony

We believe in the value we are providing and therefore gladly accept success-based remuneration.