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Biotech Infrastructure


Bioville GmbH has developed a novel concept for the establishment of a commercial GMP plant in Leipzig.

Leipzig has a special significance as a biotech cluster with the combined skills of research institutions as well as private companies in the field of biotechnology. Some of the newly founded companies and established companies in Leipzig will make a transition from the R & D phase into the phase of commercialization of their products in the near future. To date, these companies have taken advantage of publicly funded GMP facilities including the one at Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI FhG) for the implementation of the framework of the research and development work required. However, commercial manufacturing of biotechnological products within GMP facilities that have been established by publicly funded research instituts is generally prohibited for anticompetetitive reasons. Therefore, one of the most important goals for the development of the infrastructure of Leipzig towards an attractive biotech cluster includes a commercial GMP facility for the production of biotechnological products as an indispensable part.

In cooperation with local partners, the departments, and the city of Saxony, a solution is being developed, which makes Leipzig as a biotech location even more attractive.

Bioville GmbH is involved as a creative director and project coordinator.