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Grants & Investments

The services in the field of funding management consist of public and private funding opportunities. Bioville can support you during the application as for public funds as private investments.

Identification of a suitable program to apply

Bioville can support you during identification, coordination and submission of national and international grant programs for the implementation of your R&D projects in the biotech field and technology field. Within the scope of these services Bioville takes over:

  • screening of existing grant programs according to your special needs
  • identification and contact to potential partners
  • pre-negotiations and negotiations with potential partners if necessary
  • coordination of the application proceeding, communication with the funding agency
  • support while writing the application, project calculation and its submission

Bioville has a German company with its headquarters in Saxony. As known, Germany provides one of the biggest public funding possibilities to research & development projects. In addition, Saxony also has a well-structured public funding system, which can be used by young, innovative companies for the funding of research & development needs. This is where the R&D-funding in Saxony kicks in. Up to 65% of the research costs of a small or medium sized company can be funded. The money comes as a free gift, as long as the company commits to using the research results for five years in Saxony – for example by building a production facility. If the company is willing to cooperate with a non-commercial research-institution in Saxony (for example the Fraunhofer-Institute or the University of Leipzig) – funding is even higher. In such a scenario up to 80% of all research related project costs can be paid for by the Free State of Saxony!

Writing applications

Our employees are experienced in writing applications for national and international funds in the biotech and technology field. Bioville is familiar with the funding mechanisms in Germany and especially in Saxony, which provides favorable funding opportunities for SMEs.
Based on several years of experience in this business field, Bioville provides a vast expertise being able fast to recognize the needs of biotech companies and plan the implementation of the projects.

Identification of project partners and communication

Bioville has an extensive network to biotechnology companies and research institutions in Germany and especially in Saxony, which could support the projects with their engineering, automation and IT services. If you need partners for implementing your project, we analyze your requirements and prepare partner profiles prior to the first contact to our network. As soon as confirmed by you, we can start the communication with potential partners. If necessary, we take over the pre-negotiations with partners and help to build up consortia.

Coordination of applications

Bioville takes over the coordination of the application proceedings starting with the initial kickoff meeting (or conference call) and getting all partners together. We plan, organize and implement meetings with the goal to reach the optimum settings and solutions for implementation of your projects.
In addition, Bioville takes over the communication to the funding agency and, thus, can facilitate the application proceedings. The scope of this works can be also customized to your needs.

Acquisition of investors

With these services Bioville supports you during the development of business plans to be submitted to private investors, identifies possible investors and contacts them or even conducts pre-negotiations with them and can support you during the contacting.