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Other Consulting Services

Translation and Proof-Reading

We have native English speakers, who can translate our applications. Bioville offers fast, efficient and elegant translations from German to English and English to German. Bioville specializes in scientific and legal texts, but has the capability to translate a wide variety of texts. Our translators specialize in matching the style of the translation to the original, such that the finished product is a faithful representative of the original.
Bioville’s specialists have extensive experience in scientific writing and publishing and offer various services in regards to proof-reading of scientific texts. On the first level, an overall word-usage and grammar check for scientific documents is offered. On a second level, the form, structure and content is critiqued such that the paper conforms to accepted standards for scientific journals. If further assistance is required, a third level is offered in which the data is assessed and the initial structure of the paper is planned in cooperation with the author to create the framework for the paper in advance of writing the paper.